The Blue Riband awards the fastest passenger commercial transatlantic crossing. Below are some notable ships winning the Blue Riband on the westbound transatlantic crossing. 

Dating back to the mid nineteenth century, the Blue Riband was unofficially presented to the ship with the fastest average speed instead of passage time to account for varying courses taken per ship. The distinction was also different for east and west passages because of prevailing ocean currents and winds.

An image of the Hale Trophy, presented to the fastest transatlantic commercial crossing

SS United States

 SS United States

1957 - July

35.51 Knots

65.76 KPH

40.8 MPH

The Blue Riband

RMS Queen Mary

1938 - August

30.99 Knots

SS Normandie

1937 - August

30.58 Knots

RMS Queen Mary

1936 - August

30.14 Knots

SS Normandie

1935 - June

29.98 Knots

SS Rex

1933 - August

28.92 Knots

SS Bremen

1933 - July

27.92 Knots

SS Europa

1930 - March

27.91 Knots

SS Bremen

1929 - July

27.83 Knots

RMS Mauretania

1909 - September

26.06 Knots

RMS Lusitania

1909 - August

25.65 Knots

SS Deutschland

1900 - July

22.42 Knots

SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse

1898 - March-April

22.29 Knots

In 1935, Howard K Hales of the Hales Brothers Shipping Company donated the Hales trophy, shown left. This trophy symbolizes the Blue Riband, but the rules slightly differ from the traditional Blue Riband award criteria.

Below are the last ten of eleven ships to win the award for a westbound crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

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