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Glossary of Terms

  • Size: Ocean Liner general size typically gets measured as GRT (Gross Registered Tons)

  • Length: Overall length of the vessel at the longest point. Another measurement is sometimes taken at waterline

  • Beam: Overall width of the vessel at the widest point.

  • Draft or Draught: Overall depth into the water at the deepest point.

  • Decks: Ocean Liners have many decks, the decks referenced on this website are accessible to the passengers.

  • Cruising Speed: typical speed of the vessel measured in Knots (KNTS) and also displayed as Miles per Hour (MPH) and also Kilometers per Hour (KPH) and the values on this website have been rounded.

  • Maximum Speed: how fast the ship can actually go and the values on this website have been rounded.

  • Passengers: Most Ocean Liners offered tiered service, with accommodations such as First Class, Second Class, and Third Class a regular occurrence. The number shown is a general aggregate total of all sections and classes and does not account for crew.

  • Crew: All other working individuals needed to operate the ship on typical crossings.

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