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RMS Queen Mary 2 

Launched in 2004 with great fanfare, the RMS Queen Mary 2 quickly became the flagship of Cunard. Designed as an ocean liner to sail a transatlantic route, the ship requires 40% more steel and a more powerful engine design.

After completing an extensive refit in 2016, the Queen Mary 2 boasts to be one of the fastest, largest, and most prestigious of ships sailing today.

The Queen Mary 2 uses 4 diesel engines to generate electricity, as well as 2 gas turbines for auxiliary and peak power needs. Four out bound pods house the engine and spin to turn the ship, no longer needing a rudder to steer. Although efficient and first of their kind, the ship has been victim of several power and propulsion failures as well as an engine room fire.

Crossing the Atlantic, as well as providing popular Caribbean, Asian, and World Tours, the ship pays homage to an era gone by.

RMS Queen Mary 2 cruise vessel steamship ocean liners ship
RMS Queen Mary 2 cruise ship steam ship ocean liner sailing at sea

Last True Ocean Liner

Designed to be an ocean liner, built for transatlantic passages, the Queen Mary 2 differs from other cruise ships in several key areas. Cruising at 26 knots, the QM2 2 sails much faster than other cruise ships. Due to these increased speeds, some deck layouts differ from traditional cruising style deckplans. Shields also protects passengers from rough surf. 

Design and 2016 Refit

After several engine failures, and sailing continuously for over 12 years, the Queen underwent a substantial refit in 2016. The ship re entered service and can boast of features such as the first planetarium on the sea.

As a ship sailing with 15 restaurants, five swimming pools, a casino, theater, and ballroom, the Queen Mary 2 currently sails as one of the largest, most advanced, and most luxurious passenger liner. 

RMS Queen Mary RMS Queen Elizabeth SS Normandie docked together in NYC
RMS Queen Mary ocean liner steamship troop transport sydney WWII
RMS Queen Mary Starboard Deck ocean liner steam ship
Sail on the Queen Mary 2 Today

Actively sailing the seas today, the Queen Mary 2 can be found here: hgfn One of the benefits with sailing on the QM2 are how the ship whisks you away so you can fit in more excursions in the same amount of time.

RMS Queen Mary 2 Ship Facts

RMS Queen Mary 2

149,215 GRT
1,132' - 0"
135' - 0"
33' - 10"
Number of Decks:
Cruising Speed:
26 Knots (30mph or 48km/h)
Max Speed:
30 Knots (35 mph or 56 km/hr)
Port of Registry:
Southampton, UK / Hamilton, Bermuda
Maiden Voyage:
January 12, 2004
Years in Service:
2004 - Present
Current Status:
Currently in service, can be found below
RMS Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner Cruise Ship Boat Elevation Drawing Schematic Profile.png
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